This retreat home on a remote and rural 60 acre property of sublime farming land had to be compact to be cost effective. The orientation and window placement of the home accentuate the views of the lumbering vegetative hills beyond. The exterior materials are durable and expressive, as much as the land it sits upon. The lofting shape perched on top of the hill suggests opening up, welcoming the landscape into the home while the entry side is protective for the occupant. Natural light, ceiling heights and continuous architectural elements make the interior feel expansive for the compact 850 square foot footprint. There is a punctuation of experiences inside the spaces, highlighted by the careful placement of reclaimed wall paneling and cabinetry.

Built by Simmons Construction
Photography by Troy Thies

Various modern exterior finishes

See all photos in project: Jacobs Knoll
Architect: Kell Architects
Photography: Troy Thies Photography

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