Built as a 3,000 sf residence of museum quality, for a client with an extensive collection of minimalist art and furniture, the home resides over a thirty foot deep arroyo, on five acres of pristine desert.The residence spans eighty feet across the arroyo, creating a living bridge.The life line of the Sonoran Desert is the arroyo, a vein, and the branching vessel that carries life support to both plants and animals.This “bridge” allows the occupants to embrace the visual beauty and wildlife activity in an engaging and intimate way.The transparent structure, with expansive glass to the north and south, brings us in visual contact with the arroyo and the distant views of the desert and mountains beyond.

Design: Michael P. Johnson Design Studio
Builder: 180 degrees

See all photos in project: Ellsworth Residence
Builder: 180 degrees
Photography: Timmerman Photography

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