Concrete has been given a new lease of life and has started to emerge in modern homes on walls, ceilings and floors. The rustic and industrial feel that the concrete can give has become increasingly popular and makes wonderful use of its raw characteristics. You will often see concrete flooring being used in modern, minimalist homes that have large open spaces and frameless windows. Aside from this, concrete is also being incorporated into the more traditionally styled interior which can give a wonderful, dynamic look and feel. Concrete is a very good material for use in a modern home as it is extremely hardwearing, cheaper than lots of other popular modern flooring and is easy to install and buffer. It is resistant against the damp, easy to clean and wonderfully textured.

If you are after a hardwearing flooring which not only performs well under pressure, heat and damp but also looks fabulous, then concrete is definitely a good choice. As it is a raw material, the colours can change slightly depending on the type of mixture used and also how it is finished off. Due to its light grey hues, concrete works wonderfully well in both large and small rooms and doesn’t overpower the lightest of colours, including white. However, in smaller rooms the texture and finish is much more important than the overall colour of the concrete as a matte finish can make the room feel smaller and more enclosed. Glossy finishes are much better for smaller rooms as the reflections help to give the room more depth and dynamism.

There are a few different finishes to consider when choosing concrete flooring for your home. There first option is a matte finish that gives a flat look to the floor. This often looks best in larger rooms as it doesn’t make the room feel too enclosed. The next option is the gloss finish which can be buffered to varying degrees to either get a slight shine or a mirror shine depending on your needs. The texture is also important when it comes to the finish of the floor as there are a few different variations to choose from. You can choose from flat and untextured which brings out the colours and tones of the concrete or textured and rustic which has natural lumps and bumps. Whichever finish or texture you choose, you are sure to be amazed by the difference concrete flooring makes to your home.

Concrete flooring is versatile and easy to install and maintain. If you really want a modern material that is easily customisable to your needs and cheaper than lots of other modern materials, then concrete is definitely an option for you. Why not have a look through some of the images to see what you can do with concrete in your home! If there is something you like, why not share it to your Facebook or Twitter profile, so you can find the things you love easier and faster!

See all photos in project: Mazama House
Architect: FINNE Architects
Photography: Benjamin Benschneider Photography

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