Two flats are situated on the third floor of an early ‘70s apartment block, built with a post and beam concrete construction. The interior renovation is aimed at using some of the space of one unit to create a larger dwelling for a family with two children.

The concrete structure allowed us the freedom to manipulate the floor plan with few constraints. The removal of partitions and the addition of dividers can be then used, without restrictions, to re-proportion each existing and newly obtained space, in such a way that each space is arranged in a sequence, with each space the subordinate to its former one.

The result is a series of volumes arranged around a compressed entry foyer with a lowered ceiling, which becomes the space around which the sequence of spaces unfolds. A traditional oak flooring, stained dark to counterbalance the lightness of the walls and the integrated furniture, is used throughout to hold the different volumes together.

A large monolithic structure is employed to introduce a degree of separation between Living Room and Study and an oversized opening, cut into it, allows a visual connection between the two areas. A flueless fireplace is surmounted by a large TV cabinet on one side, and bookshelves facing the Study.

white kitchen with beige backsplash
white kitchen with beige backsplash
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