From looking at this very simple chair, It would be quite hard to believe just how much thought and consideration had gone into it’s construction. With its organic lines and flowing structure, this chair has real character despite its modernistic and minimalistic approach.

Created by Herman Miller, the Eames molded plastic chair with a dowel-leg base, is based on a original classic that has been made from eco-friendly sourced and manufactured materials. Following the success of the original, and the increasing interest that Miller has on his products and the environmental impact of their production, he has created a brand new concept that takes the opinions of his customers needs into consideration. He utilises his skills to create a chair that is in-keeping with the modern way of life.

Designer: Highgate House
Designer: Daleet Spector Design. Photo: Lee Manning Photography

This chair in particular has made use of wooden dowel-legs instead of the common plastic or metal structure, to help soften the aesthetic and bring a more natural finish to the whole chair. The crossed metal rods in the centre of the base are a typical design feature of the Eames chair and help to give it its Miller stamp.

The plastic shell of the chair has been ergonomically designed to make a more comfortable place to sit and has been moulded in a way that allows the back to curve into the correct position. It also comes in 10 different colours that play beautifully against the solid wood base. The plastic shell of the chair has been made from friendly-to-the-earth recyclable polypropylene which is dyed throughout so the colours remain vibrant even after years of wear and tear. The shell is attached to the base by rubber shock mounts which give the chair a more comfortable feel on impact and on long periods of inactivity. These mounts are then attached to the solid wooden legs which come with non-adjustable nylon guides to protect the delicate structure of the legs.

This chair is not only stylish, but also functional, enduring and simple, which is one of the reasons why it is incredibly popular among our design conscious society. It has become increasingly popular since its first début appearance in 1940 and therefore has been called a ‘true classic’ by many designers and critics.

If you are after a customisable chair, then the Eames moulded plastic chair is the perfect choice for you as there are so many variations to choose from. If you would like a different wooden base on your chair, then you can choose from solid maple, ash or walnut to give a different effect. You can even pick from colours such as aqua, greystone, lime green and wafer coloured plastic shells to suit a plethora of different interiors. This chair will look great in a contemporary and sleek interior, and can be combined with more traditional styles of furniture to create an eclectic look and feel.

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