Industrial Intuition: Tolomeo Wall Spot Light by Artemide

From a glance, this light looks like something straight out of the future with its mirrored shine and mechanical appearance. It’s stunning good looks and slight raw and untouched style makes this Tolomeo wall spot light very desirable. The style of this spot light is much like its brothers and sisters in the Tolomero range, but has some character and personality of its own.

Architect: Robert A M Stern. Photo: Semel Snow.

The Tolomeo light range was designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina for Artemide. The pair soon became recognisable in the light design world when the Tolomeo table lamp was given the Compasso d’Oro award for Italian industrial design and was credited with having achieved the perfect combination between design and engineering. Since then, the Artemide group have grown in considerable size and create some of the most functional and intelligent lighting options that are available in this modern day and age. Artemides business values are impeccable, as they focus on the connection that light and humans have with the world, and help dissolve the barriers between the mechanical and the natural. The Artemide Group was founded by Ernesto Gismondi in 1959 and operates with 16 subsidiaries and affiliated companies. They have production centres in Italy, France, Germany, the USA, Czech Republic and Hungary and work hard to solve lighting problems that are evident in the present day.

Architect: Baldridge Architects. Photo: Casey Dunn

The very purpose of the Tolomero wall spot light is to provide a light source that gives you a clear and unwavering beam that will help with things like reading, or drawing. The light source can be altered depending on your requirements as the whole body of the light has the ability to tilt and turn a full 360 degrees on the lamp holder itself. This gives ultimate control over the beam of light and can turn a direct beam into a softer, less intense light source. Some have even used the spotlights as up-lighter when they have finished with the finer details, as the diffusing capabilities of the light shade are excellent.

Architect: Scott Simons Architects. Contratcor: Peacock Builders. Photo: Trent Bell.

The body of the Tolomeo wall spotlight is made in a high polished die-cast aluminium with a 6” diameter diffuser in stamped, anodized aluminium. The tiltable and 360 degrees rotable, is also made from anodized aluminium and is incorporated with an 0n-off switch for ease of use. The spotlight also comes with two options to help make the installation process as easy and as customisable as possible. You can either choose to have the spotlight fitted into the wall, to hide the cables from sight, or you can choose the option with the cable attached to make the installation quick and easy.

With such an modern and industrial appearance, the Tolomeo wall spotlight is sure to look incredible in similar spaces. The shiny aluminium body, looks elegant in sleek and minimalistic rooms, and also fits in perfectly well with high-shine, chrome finished, industrial looking rooms. Due to its slight Avant Garde feel, this light fitting would also work well in a neoclassically designed home and help bring the décor into the 21st century.

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