With a ribbon-like structure and mixture of solid lines and fluid movement, the Hat-Trick chair is definitely one of a kind. Its curved elegance and traditional undertones create a unique and original style, while the contoured seat makes a comfortable place to sit and enjoy dinner with the family. From the side, the chair looks organic and natural with its gently sloping and curving lines, while from the front it stands tall and proud with 6 vertical ribbons of wood, that curve out toward to bottom for style and for comfort. The top of the chair is reminiscent of a kings crown, which adds a bit of regalia to the overall style of the chair.

The original Hat-Trick chair was created by Frank Gehry in 1990 and is a truly remarkable and unique design of the collection. Gehry is a Canadian-American, Pritzker Prize-Winning Architect based in Los Angeles and was born in 1929. A number of the buildings that he had designed, including his own home, have become world-renowned tourist attractions and are said to be among the most important works of contemporary architecture in the 2010 World Architecture Survey. Vanity Fair also labelled him as “the most important architect of our age”. In addition to architecture, Gehry has also made jewellery for Tiffany & Co, sculptures, various household items and a collection of furniture to which the Hat-Trick chair is part of.

Contractor: Kindred Construction. Photo: Paul Warchol.

With it’s wooden structure and gridded construction, Gehry created this collection based on his own personal connection with apple crates. As a small boy he used to play on them and was always surprised by their strength and rigidity. It was much later in his life, when he rediscovered this memory, and was inspired by the apple crates to create this collection of bentwood furniture to which the Hat-Trick chair is a member of.

The chair itself has been constructed using hard white maple veneer strips, laminated 6 to 9 inch thick and then attached using high-bonding urea glue. The thermo-set assembly glue used, provides structural rigidity without the need for metal connectors. The chair back has been created and constructed to allow it to flex, providing extra comfort to a seated person while to contoured seat is constructed of cross-ply maple for rigidity. You can buy the chair with additional arms if necessary, that simply bolt the main structure of the chair. You can also buy a seat cushion with a “shower cap” design that comes in a range of KnollTextiles and SpinneyBack leathers.

Architect: Incorporated. Photo: Josh McHugh.

With modern and traditional overtones this chair suits a plethora of different décors and looks fantastic in rooms that have additional wooden features. Accompanied with glass and stone materials the Hat-Trick chair looks at home amongst natural materials and combined with metal and glass, a more industrialised look is achieved. Minimalist homes benefit from the warmth of the wood on these chairs as it helps to break up the infinite sleek walls and surfaces that are so commonly found in contemporary homes.

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