February 5, 2020

Canadian Home with Two Toned Interior and Exterior


Outside, a two level brick home painted in two contrasting shades of gray stands over a gently manicured lawn as well as a two car garage. A similar motif, involving light and dark is also found inside the house itself. Designed by Kariouk Associates, this two toned house is based in Ontario. Grays, blacks and dark colored woods intertwine with the stairs, furniture, countertops and floors. Lighter colors also flow through the home, harmonizing with deeper colors, creating original stories and transformative ideas. The ongoing power struggle between light and dark gives this Ontario home a regal quality. Dark wood kitchen cabinets seem taller, straight and more aligned than usual, the twinkling lights in the dining room seem a little more diminutive than the average chandelier.

two tone facade of house greyscale
two tone facade of house greyscale
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