February 3, 2020

28 Different Ways to Utilize Curtains in Children’s Rooms


Nurseries, teens rooms and bedrooms for adolescents can take on very different moods and styles. Generally, children’s curtains are hung as an afterthought. These 28 examples of curtains in children’s rooms appear on windows, as embellishments around beds. Solid colored curtains hang down to the floor, folded into soft ridges and neat pleats. Shorter curtains are ruffled and cheery, allowing an abundance of sunlight to come pouring in. Decorative ties hold some of these children’s curtains in place, inviting imagination and wonder to reign free. By paying careful attention to the way that these curtains have been used to create a comfortable place for children to sleep, play, learn and relax, recreating the same environment in your home can easily be achieved.

childs bedroom light blue walls
childs bedroom light blue walls
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