Small House in Japan with No Windows

Small House in Japan with No Windows

28 November, 2013  |  Exterior, House Interior

Painted a deep grayish teal that’s so bold that it’s difficult to surmise in words, this simple, clean and architecturally sophisticated house is based in Tokyo. At the very bottom of the home, a thin sliver of brick patterned brown tiles rest beside the sidewalk. A narrow line of pebbles have been arranged to fall into the cracks. The brick tile pattern continues into the home, forming a platform along the staircase. The spacious upper level is filled with light, even though there are no windows. A lengthy glass sliding door opens up to an outdoor balcony that is encased by three tall walls. The home’s designer Nobuo Araki constructed the balcony to give occupants access to an outdoor space that wouldn’t be exposed to the outside world.

facade of the house without windows

Black metal exterior

unusual facade

basement brick finish

modern hall

minimalism in interior

wooden floor in modern interior

glass partition in the interior of the house

modern bathroom

combination of white with wood

modern staircase

high ceiling

modern toilet


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