Reflective House in Upstate New York

Reflective House in Upstate New York

17 November, 2013  |  Exterior, House Interior

Covered in mirrors and glass, this Gluck + creation originates in upstate New York. The complex exterior is accentuated by the structure’s unique form. A single rectangular column forms the base of the house, while a similarly long and rectangular partition has been added to an upper floor, jutting out sharply toward the right. The images of trees and trails of light are reflected off of the facade of this modern home, causing solid reason for doubting the home is nothing more than a mirage. A bright yellow staircase zigzags up the middle of the house, crossing through a living space that resembles an observatory. Thin, rounded white columns appear, laid out in neat groups of four. By purposefully creating shapes that can be challenging to design in, this home represents uniqueness in some very surprising ways.

building a tower

mirrored facade

reflective exterior

unusual house

house in the woods

unusual home design

unusual exterior

mountain view from the living room

spacious living room with a small amount of furniture

interior room with panoramic views

white color in the interior of the kitchen and dining room

view of the children's room

yellow staircase in the interior of the house


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