Multi-Generational Contemporary Homes

Multi-Generational Contemporary Homes

28 November, 2013  |  Exterior

In Santiago, Chile, design firm Izquierdo Lehmann Arquitectos has unveiled two distinctly different homes built to house a multi-generational family. These two homes are not the primary residence of this three generation family, but they do come to visit often as a group. A mixture of modern elements and organic materials appear on the façade of the homes. The two story home has wood, concrete and stone accents. The stone theme continues in the form of a low sitting wall. On the other side, an expansive wooden deck holds a pool with waters running out into the ocean. The second home is a single story, looking something like a miniature version of the first structure. Glass windows, a tranquil garden and yet another pool frame the second, smaller house.

modern holiday home

house on a rocky shore

modern house on the beach

home overlooking the Pacific Ocean

gray stone exterior home

modern house

stone in the exterior of a modern house

facade of stone

house in modern style


house near the ocean

back garden

kitchen with ocean view

white walls and wooden staircase

site plan

first home project

second home project


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