Manhattan Duplex Highlights Textured Walls

Manhattan Duplex Highlights Textured Walls

13 November, 2013  |  Apartment Interior

Anytime that you see an extra spacious apartment or two level apartment in Manhattan, the first thing that comes to mind is, what have the occupants been able to do with all that extra space? Since square footage is so sought after, exemplary examples of sleek Manhattan apartment interior design are especially valuable. Here, a two level duplex in NYC pays particular attention to wall texture in almost every room. The master bedroom comes with white painted brick walls, that are almost unnoticeable at first glance. In the dining room, super modern dining room chairs could easily be mistakable as computer chairs. They have been paired with a shabby chic dining table and an exposed brick wall. As an antique black oven sits stoically by itself, exposed brick can be seen running down the entire length of the apartment.

living room with brick wall and white sofa

open space in a two-level apartment

brick wall and steel staircase in the interior Disposition

industrial interior

brick wall in the interior of the dining room

modern kitchen

bedroom interior

white brick wall in the bedroom

white brick in the interior

workplace in the bedroom

white color in the interior of child

classic bathroom interior

classic bath

white brick tiles in the bathroom

classic interior bathrooms

brick wall in the bathroom

Classic furniture in the bathroom

Photos courtesy One Fine Stay


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