Italian Concrete Home with Glass Accents and an Outdoor Pool

Italian Concrete Home with Glass Accents and an Outdoor Pool

25 November, 2013  |  Exterior

Architecture firm Matteo Casari Architetti added glass to concrete in the construction of this massive and impressive modern home. This rectangular structure features large concrete blacks that have been perforated with tiny holes, resting on top of a lower level consisting of glass plating. The top of the home is a seemingly impenetrable fortress, but the lower portion is completely transparent. Although glass wraps around all sides of the first floor, the clever use of frosting, concrete walls and pillars make it difficult to see inside from various angles. A cool, blue pool appears outside, partially underneath of a concrete overhang. There is nothing delicate or gentle about the exterior of the home, but the swaying waters of the pool and the reflective glass present an alternative point of view.

rectangular house

concrete house and pool

concrete and glass exterior

modern house of glass and concrete

house of concrete

concrete facade

combination of glass and concrete

terrace with swimming pool

concrete and glass design home


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