Greek Apartment Dwelling Renovation

Greek Apartment Dwelling Renovation

3 December, 2013  |  Apartment Interior

While the original floor plans of this Greek apartment allowed for a substantial amount of space, its owner requested an updated and more contemporary interior layout. Scape Architecture renovated the interior of the residence, injecting minimalism and modernism. The treatment of the kitchen leaves all surfaces looking smooth and sleek, with a decidedly matte finish. A wide, bright, slightly iridescent blue wall is boldly juxtaposed just beside the white and metal kitchen. The white dining room table and chairs, white couches and white curtains find meet contrast within the walls. Carved a few inches into the wall and ceiling is a series of trenches that hold recessed lights. These cutaways lead the eye, creating perspective. More of these narrow valleys find their ways in ceilings in the halls, carrying light.

open-plan apartments

minimalist outdoor kitchen

modern kitchen in white

open-plan living

modern interior

apartment interior

white color in the interior

wooden elements in the interior

tree wall decoration

wooden floor in the interior of the apartment

wooden floor with white walls


bedroom and bathroom

bathroom wood trim

Photos courtesy Cathy Cunliffe


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