Exploring the Most Expensive Residential Property in the US

Exploring the Most Expensive Residential Property in the US

25 November, 2013  |  Exterior, House Interior

This Connecticut home has an incomprehensibly high price tag. Recently sold for $190 million, this house features classical interior design and enough yard space to build several dozen additional homes. In addition to the main house, there is a greenhouse where flowers bloom year long, a tennis court, a stone walled dayroom, in-ground pool and acres of meticulously manicured grass, trees and flowers. The exterior of the home is made up of stone blocks and light colored siding in the tradition of classically styled American houses. Wood walls, bureaus, cabinets, tables chairs and an oriental rug appear in the dining room. The living area takes on a slightly more modern design scheme, with a plush area rug, low sitting leather ottoman and crown molding.

Victorian exterior

The most expensive house

very beautiful landscaping

irregularly shaped swimming pool and ocean views

stone wall and iron gate

landscaping area

garden plot

tennis court on site

beautiful design area

Flower Alley in the area

greenhouse with flowers

classic interior with wood trim

classic living room interior

classic Fireplaces

luxury classic interior

wall decoration tree

stone in interior

veranda of the house

classic interior


view of the house with a bird's-eye view

Photo courtesy David Ogilvy


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