Ethereal Organic House on the West Coast

Ethereal Organic House on the West Coast

5 November, 2013  |  Exterior, House Interior

Following similar trends seen in other modern houses, this home by CCS Architecture utilizes varying materials and juxtapositions to create a hodgepodge styled exterior. Located in trendy Palo Alto, California, there are multiple areas for socializing in the backyard, which hints at the fact that a family lives here. Connected to the wood flanked upper level is a balcony, which sits atop a glass framed extension of the home. A single tree appears near the edge of a concrete patio. The designer has ingeniously placed an outdoor table and chair set directly in the tree’s shade. Wood appears in many areas, including the home office, bathroom and bedrooms. Modernly and refreshing, there is ample room here for a family to grow, explore and learn from the contemporary and organic elements all abound.

modern American home

exterior wood trim

contemporary home

house exterior

wooden exterior decoration

terraced house

tree on the terrace

kitchen and dining room

interior of a modern kitchen and dining area

interior with large windows

modern bedroom

white walls in the childs room

wooden floors in the interior

bathroom interior

white tiles in the bathroom

home office with wood trim

egg chair


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