Dual Victorian-Contemporary Home Architecture

Dual Victorian-Contemporary Home Architecture

21 October, 2013  |  Exterior, House Interior

Is there anything more interesting than a house that appears to be something that it’s not? This award winning home is the work of Jackson Clements Burrows. Designed to look like the average Victorian house from the front, there is an open modern home, complete with an in-ground pool waiting in the back. Huge concrete slabs have been assembled to create walls, platforms and the main structure of the home. Two windows on the upper floor have what appears to be a screen pulled over them, partially masking the space like a grid. Inside, modern style is abound. A white kitchen table matches the white, metal legged chairs. While the home gives a certain impression, it’s definitely not your average Victorian house.

victorian exterior

modern exterior

swimming pool with sun loungers on the site

open plan dining

living room with glass sliding doors

meeting room

beautiful interior


room in black

living room with access to the terrace

modern interior

white fireplace

cozy terrace under the roof

Source 15mercerrdarmadale.com.au


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