Contemporary Cottage in Sweden

Contemporary Cottage in Sweden

20 December, 2013  |  Exterior, House Interior

The modern exterior appearance of this Swedish home is both intriguing and deceptive. Enveloped in black wood panels, glass accents and featuring a towering, deep brown chimney, the home appears to be quite compact, leading viewers to believe that there is limited space within the interior. The low, white perimeter fence keeps wooden decks, leisurely decorated sitting areas and balconies snugly secure. White sweeps across the interior of the property, with oversized windows opening the space up even further. Wood panels are suspended from the ceiling, staggered and evenly spaced apart. The master bath is impeccably clean, and features a circular soaking tub, recessed sink shelf and an extremely modern commode. Again, light and the color white is used to make the most of the property’s limited square footage.

black exterior villa

exterior decoration tree


modern design villa

wood exterior

sea ​​view from the balcony

modern terrace

terrace with swimming pool

modern swedish interior

modern swedish kitchen

kitchen with glass walls

long rectangular island in the kitchen

modern bedroom with a large window

view of the backyard

oval bath

modern toilet


outdoor fireplace

first level plan

second level plan

Photos courtesy Valvet


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