A Home Renovation Project Takes Shape

A Home Renovation Project Takes Shape

22 November, 2013  |  Exterior, House Interior

Starting off with a very old and worn down house, ODR Architects completed gutted, framed and restored this home to reflect a more modern aesthetic. A backyard patio surrounded by a high wood fence appears directly off the side of the living room. Glass patio doors that open uniquely were installed to give the room light and additional space. In the living area, an armless leather couch, an abstract chair and several decorative tree logs were added, creating a light and ethereal effect as a result. Dark, textured wooden cabinets were added to a kitchen with white walls and wood flooring. The frame of the master bed mimics corkboard, sitting low and extending far beyond the mattress. A metal sliding door features cutouts, while a single light bulb extends from the ceiling, nearly all the way down to the floor.

one storey house in white

reconstruction of the old house

Exit to the terrace from the living room through a revolving door

black furniture in the kitchen

dining room and kitchen

open-plan living room with fireplace

classic black fireplace

bedroom with industrial elements

combination of wood black and white walls


modern shower in the bathroom


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