A Box from the Future: A minimalistic house that outshines its neighbours

A Box from the Future: A minimalistic house that outshines its neighbours

17 December, 2013  |  Exterior, House Interior

Overlooking the tiny houses below, this giant construction towers over everything in close proximity and with its large white 10x10x10 construction, it is not easily missed. In the suburbs of Leydshe Rhine, Netherlands, 123DV designed and built this unusual square abode. Following in from the outside, the interior continues its modern theme with white walls, neutral furniture and minimalistic decor with the striking addition of red and grey paint. The skylights in this house are an absolute dream, drawing the skies over your head every second and creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere. The lines are flawless in this house as every corner has a new angular appearance and with a cut back on doors; the house really feels more like one big open space as opposed to closed off rooms.

House as the cube

white exterior with black accents

outdoor seating

modern terrace

combination of black tiles with white walls

minimalist home interior

minimalist kitchen

black tiles on the floor in the living room

minimalist staircase

modern staircase

red wall in the interior

white walls in the interior

minimalist interior

rectangular bath

bathroom in a minimalist style

black wall in the bathroom

combination of white and black in the interior bathroom

house plan

Photos courtesy Christiaan de Bruijne


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